SEDA Dance is excited to offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, featuring some of Victoria’s best instructors. Workshops are a separate registration. Please email info@sedadance.ca for more info.

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Creating Your Self Portrait Through Dance with Kathy Lang

Date, TBA  |  2-5pm

All levels welcome

A choreographic workshop to support your personal exploration and self expression. Kathy will guide you through your own written text and movement vocabulary, using choreographic tools, improvisational response, and emotional translation to create your danced self portrait. You are your own muse!

Contact Improv
with Farley Johansson

Sunday, December 5 and 12  |  11:15am-12:45pm
Please note that this class will take place at the Shaw Dance Victoria studio (2750 Quadra Street)

$25 for class/$45 for both classes

This class will be a great tune-up for dancers who already have contact experience and want to refresh and/or progress their skills. Also great for people looking for a partnered movement practice that is more fluid — something that can move them through space, connecting with another body through the freedom of creative improvisation.

Farley will work on building skills to connect with your partner through methods like rolling point of contact and sliding point of contact. Each session will consist of a guided warm up that will highlight patterns useful for moving onto and off the floor confidently, and that will allow you to move well while providing and receiving support from your partner.

For over 30 years, Farley has referred to himself as a kinetic chameleon, moving from classical ballet to contemporary dance, capoeira and contact improv. Farley’s safe approach to large movement and his gentle and witty delivery makes his class a wonderful experience! Throughout his career in dance, he has experienced a broad spectrum of injuries. Those experiences lead him to become a RMT with a strong interest in treating orthopaedic and sport-related injuries. Farley’s vast dance experience and medical training equip him with great knowledge on exploring movement creatively and safely.

Lyrical Jazz Workshop
with Tiffany Miton

Saturdays, January 8-29

Beginner Level: 2:15-3:15pm  |  Early bird price: $80 ($90 after Dec 20)
Intermediate Level: 3:15-4:30pm  |  Early bird price: $75 ($85 after Dec 20)

Get inspired! This workshop will focus on flowing lyrical movement within jazz technique. Enjoy finding feeling and breath in the music while learning a beautiful combination!

Photo on left: Aengus MacIntosh


Intermediate & Advanced Choreography Series

SESSION 1 (14 weeks)
Advanced dancers 
Mondays, Sept 13-Dec 13, 8-9:15pm
With choreographer Kathy Lang 

Intermediate dancers
Tuesdays, Sept 14-Dec 14, 8:15-9:30pm
With choreographer Kiera Shaw  

Session 2: January-March
Session 3: March-June (tentative)

Crave, create and perform! Two blocks have been set aside this season for additional choreographic opportunities for intermediate and advanced dancers to participate in additional new creations.Various choreographers will be scheduled throughout the year to research and develop a new piece. Dancers will be warm from the previous technique class and will enter straight into the rehearsal process. Dancers have the privilege of working through additional choreography to enhance their process work and have additional performance opportunities. Dancers must apply for this series (each session is a new cast and application) and are accepted based on level and choreographer’s discretion. Dancers must hold a firm commitment to the project, are expected to have impeccable attendance, a professional attitude towards the process, have strong choreography retention, be prepared for each rehearsal and open to various rehearsal styles. This is a sessional course and is not eligible as part of dance class fees. Full payment must be made upon acceptance of application.

Past workshops

If you missed these workshops, don’t worry — we will be offering more soon! Email info@sedadance.ca to sign up for the SEDA newsletter to be the first to know about all our upcoming workshops!

Somatic Movement Workshop
with Juan Villegas

Saturday, November 6

2-4pm  |  $30
All levels welcome. Please bring socks and a notepad.

Juan Villegas is a Colombian Canadian dance artist and holds a degree in contemporary dance from Simon Fraser University and in industrial design from Emily Carr University. Juan has performed and toured throughout Canada, and he is currently performing in Vancouver with Kinesis Dance Somatheatro. Juan has taught movement locally and abroad and he is currently completing Body-Mind Centering’s Somatic Movement Education program in Eugene, Oregon.

The skeletal system gives our body the basic form and structure and it is composed of bones and joints. It is through these bones and joints that we can move through space and interact with our environment. We will use visualization and movement exercises to embody the skeletal system and learn principles to enhance effortless movement and help repattern alignment and any imbalances.

Mama Core Restore Series
with Jen MacDonald

September 13–October 25 (6 weeks)

Mondays, 9:30-10:30am
$105 for 6-week workshop
For more info on this series, visit mamarestorevictoria.com

During postpartum, your body is unique and has different needs than at other times during your life. MUTU Pro™ Certified, Jen MacDonald will guide you through a 6-week program to help you restore and reconnect with your pelvic floor and core. Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), prolapse, and leaking (when you sneeze, run, exercise, or laugh) are common postpartum, but not something you have to live with forever! This series will help you gain strength and energy. Learn how to truly feel great in your new body! 

“Contempsamba” with Vitor Freitas

Saturday, September 25

Intermediate/Advanced: 2-3:15pm  |  $25
Beginner Samba for Beginner dancers: 3:15-4:15pm  |  $25

A fusion of techniques, Vitor’s “Contempsamba” workshop combines contemporary dance movement with the fun and contagious dynamic of samba. Come explore a different way to move your body! Vitor Freitas hails from Saquarema, Brazil. He has studied contemporary dance, ballet, and ballroom, and has had the opportunity to appear in several TV shows and in a Netflix movie. Given the increasingly difficult situation in his home country, Vitor immigrated to Canada in 2019, just before the pandemic. He was recently supported by Suddenly Dance Theatre’s Fountain of Youth Program and also won Dance Victoria’s recent “Let It Move You” dance contest.

Iyengar Workshop Series for Dancers
‘Finding the Back Body’

Join dancer and Iyengar teacher Brandy Baybutt for our second workshop of the series. In this workshop, we will work with awakening awareness in the back body by moving into back extensions with coherent actions that support and lengthen the spine. While turning the focus to our backs, we will explore the freedom that can come to the chest, or emotional centre.

Improv with Kiera Shaw


Connect to the joy of moving! Movement research is centred on play, imagery, and presence. Class is structured in guided improvisation, providing dancers the opportunity to explore how they want to move. Exercises are rooted in imagery, action, and sensation as we play, get curious, and connect to the joy of moving!

Kiera offers tasks intended to amplify presence, and cultivate curiosity and exploration in movement. There will be times of connecting to our stamina and athleticism as well as soft stillness. A primary focus will be to create a space where we can discover our wants, desires, and impulses as we move.

Classes will each have a different intention and focus to explore, keeping it fresh for those who come regularly and accessible for drop-ins.

Iyengar for Dancers Series

Workshop #1: Body Symmetry: Finding Balance and Symmetry
All levels welcome

Join dancer and Iyengar teacher Brandy Baybutt for our first workshop of the series. Body Symmetry will focus on bringing balance within the two sides of the body to ground, stabilize, and nourish neglected areas. In dance we often work one one side more than the other. In this class, we will awaken some areas that will help to create more evenness within the body and mind.

Creative Exploration
with Makaila Wallace

A workshop series to explore, create and play. Open to non-dancers who want to move! You will be guided in a more structured environment through elements of improvisation, spatial and body awareness, personal creation and music interpretation. Join Makaila if you love to move!

Photo: Michael Slobodian