SEDA Dance is excited to offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, featuring some of Victoria’s best instructors. Workshops are a separate registration. Please email info@sedadance.ca for more info or to register.

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If you missed these workshops, don’t worry — we will be offering more soon! Email info@sedadance.ca to sign up for the SEDA newsletter to be the first to know about all our upcoming workshops!

Iyengar Workshop Series for Dancers
‘Finding the Back Body’

Saturday, January 16  |  1:15–3:45pm
$40 incl GST (Early bird $35 before Jan. 10)
Register at info@sedadance.ca

Join dancer and Iyengar teacher Brandy Baybutt for our second workshop of the series. In this workshop, we will work with awakening awareness in the back body by moving into back extensions with coherent actions that support and lengthen the spine. While turning the focus to our backs, we will explore the freedom that can come to the chest, or emotional centre.

LOOK IN, DANCE OUT: Creating Your Self Portrait Through Dance

All levels welcome (max 10 dancers)
Saturday, November 14  |  1:15–3:45pm
To register, please email info@sedadance.ca

A choreographic workshop to support your personal exploration and self expression. Kathy will guide you through your own written text and movement vocabulary, using choreographic tools, improvisational response, and emotional translation to create your danced self portrait. You are your own muse!

Improv with Kiera Shaw


Connect to the joy of moving!

Movement research is centred on play, imagery, and presence. Class is structured in guided improvisation, providing dancers the opportunity to explore how they want to move. Exercises are rooted in imagery, action, and sensation as we play, get curious, and connect to the joy of moving!

Kiera offers tasks intended to amplify presence, and cultivate curiosity and exploration in movement. There will be times of connecting to our stamina and athleticism as well as soft stillness. A primary focus will be to create a space where we can discover our wants, desires, and impulses as we move.

Classes will each have a different intention and focus to explore, keeping it fresh for those who come regularly and accessible for drop-ins.

Iyengar for Dancers Series

Workshop #1: Body Symmetry: Finding Balance and Symmetry Within the Body
All levels welcome

Join dancer and Iyengar teacher Brandy Baybutt for our first workshop of the series. Body Symmetry will focus on bringing balance within the two sides of the body to ground, stabilize, and nourish neglected areas. In dance we often work one one side more than the other. In this class, we will awaken some areas that will help to create more evenness within the body and mind.

Creative Exploration with Makaila Wallace

A workshop series to explore, create and play. Open to non-dancers who want to move! You will be guided in a more structured environment through elements of improvisation, spatial and body awareness, personal creation and music interpretation. Join Makaila if you love to move!

Photo: Michael Slobodian