Dance with Kathy

Kathy’s interest in the diversity and expression of the contemporary dance form makes her a highly sought-after teacher in the B.C. dance community. Kathy is an intuitive, experienced teacher who brings energy, humour and compassion to her classes. Trained in both RAD and ISTD Ballet, Kathy holds contemporary dance foundations in Limón, Horton, and Graham technique, as well as a diversity towards a European style of contemporary dance evolution.

Photo by Barbara A. Burns

What SEDA Offers

• Highly qualified professional teachers

• Introductory through professional-level classes for adults, including contemporary, ballet, barre and conditioning

• Workshops

• Choreographic mentorships and skill building

• Elder classes

• Company opportunities

• A long dance season!

• Performance opportunities

• Drop-ins

• Private lessons and coaching

• Summer classes

• Flexible payment options

• Free parking

• Great central location!

Class Level Descriptions

INTRO: No experience necessary
BEGINNER 2: Some dance experience
INTERMEDIATE: 3 years minimum dance training
ADVANCED: For the experienced dancer, or at the discretion of the teacher



Dance is an art form that exists in the moment —  it’s the way we share our art. Whether you are a brave beginner or an advanced dancer, most classes will have the opportunity for performance.

However, performances may look a little different over the next while. We will adjust to variances in the health regulations over the next year. Small but more frequent performance opportunities and outdoor performances may be added. We will collectively decide on comfort and interest level so we are able to share our art and feel safe doing so.

Some classes will include choreography and rehearsals for performance. In some cases, adding a rehearsal block for performance in order to maintain classwork will be an option discussed with the class. Students may opt out of performance, but notice must be given well in advance. Once you have committed to performing, attendance is extremely important!

There are no extra charges for dancers to perform. Dancers will be responsible for their own costume costs, which will be kept to a minimum.

The Third Canvas Dance Company will run as per contract on an individual basis.



Your Classes

1.25-1.5 hrs  (Performance optional)

From floor to flying! A class of dynamic and organic movement based on the fusion of contemporary Limóne, Graham and Horton techniques using weight, path, and space. With care and humour, Kathy will take you through a structured technique class with lots of engaging choreography and movement exploration. 

4 levels: Intro to Contemporary; Beginner 2; Intermediate; Advanced

1.5 hrs  (No performance)

An open contemporary dance class with a warm weekend vibe to add to the week’s training, featuring new choreography each week!

Intermediate /Advanced

1 hr  (No performance)

Barre class is a combination of the stretching and toning movements of Pilates and yoga, the strengthening and sculpting principles of ballet, and a low-impact cardio workout — small isometric movements target and tone every muscle in your body. No experience necessary!

All levels welcome

1.25-1.5 hrs  (Performance optional)

Strength, flexibility and grace will lead this ballet technique class as we move through our ballet barre, creative centre practice, strength-building jumps, and classical choreography. 

3 Levels: Beginner/Intermediate; Intermediate/Advanced; Advanced

1.5 hrs  (Performance optional)

With choreographic guidance, follow your movement impulses, leading to discoveries of theme and personal space.

2 Levels: Beginner/Intermediate; Advanced 

CONTACT IMPROV (Not running during COVID pandemic)
1.5 hr  (No performance)

Guidance in the various stages of contact with the floor and your dance partner, exploring weight sharing, and shape sharing through positive and negative space. 

1 Level: Intermediate/Advanced 

SAOL (The artists formerly known as Rust)
1.25 hr  (Performance optional)

Saol means life! This fun, contemporary dance-based class is for the 55+ dancer. Begin with gentle floor movement, then move to low-impact contemporary movement and choreography.  

2 Levels: Beginner; Intermediate 

Stretch & Strength
1 hr  (No performance)

This one-hour conditioning class will focus on a variety of strengthening poses from the core out, while opening the body with active and passive stretching. While refocusing the body in proper alignment and sequencing the initiation of movement, this class is a great addition for the dancer’s training, and is supportive for injury rehabilitation.

All levels welcome

(No performance)

A fun, $5 open contemporary class lead by Kathy — time and days will vary. Check the schedule for an upcoming class!

All levels welcome

(No performance)
Boing Boing, gyrokinesis, pilates, yoga, improv … Check out the Workshops page for current and upcoming classes.

Visit Ballet Victoria for class information.

For more information, please email Kathy at info@sedadance.ca