What do I wear?

Comfortable stretch clothing that’s not too baggy. Ballet shoes for ballet classes. Cotton socks for contemporary. Hair up. 

How do I know my level?

See level descriptions below. Discuss with us before registering. You can always make adjustments after you try a few classes.

Beginner — You are new to dance or new to the particular dance form (2 classes per week recommended)
Intermediate 1 — You have some experience in that dance form or a background in another dance form (2 classes per week required)
Intermediate 2 — You have moderate dance experience; typically a minimum of 3 years (2 classes per week required)
Advanced 1 — You have a strong background in the technique with a minimum of 5 years experience (generally, a minimum of 2 classes per week expected)
Advanced 2/Pre-Professional — You are a trained dancer able to navigate new challenges past base technique
SAOL 1 — You are a low-impact, beginner mover, aged 60+
SAOL 2 — You are a low-impact mover with dance experience, aged 60+

Why register?

Classes are designed progressively. Your class will be building on material constantly. For physical strength building and to get the most out of your choreography, consistency in class is important. By registering, you are guaranteed a spot in your class, and you build on your technique and are a part of a growing group. Drop-in dancers are allowed, space permitting, however, the class will cater to the work of registered dancers. Additionally, dancers who are registered receive discounts on the fees between 10% and 65%.  

What if I want to change levels?

No problem! We want you to feel challenged but not overwhelmed; relaxed but not bored. If you or your teacher feels that you need an level adjustment, changing classes is no problem. Your fees will be adjusted as necessary.

Do my fees vary if I have more or fewer classes that particular month?

Your fees are calculated based on an annual tuition. The MONTHLY fee is simply and even instalment each month to keep the finances simpler. You many choose to pay the annual tuition upfront if you wish.

Do we perform?

Yes! We hope so! We are hoping to perform this year, likely in June. Select groups may have additional performance opportunities during the year. If you choose not to perform, you can enjoy the choreographic process with your class and opt out of the actual performance. But it’s FUN!

I have a shift job. How can I still register?

Talk to me. Perhaps we can find a Monday class week one, and a Thursday class week 2. It becomes challenging for you when we are setting a piece for a show, but overall, it can be worked out.

I am student, and don’t know my schedule past April. What should I do?

Discounts for registered dancers are based on a full-year commitment. If you know in September that you are leaving April 30, for example, please let us know at the time of your registration.

Can I try a class to see if it’s right for me?

Yes! You may drop-in. If you choose to register, we can apply that drop-in fee to your registration. 

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payment via the website. Payment by cheque for pre-registed classes can also be arranged. Contact Kathy to discuss.

How do I make up a missed class?

Consistency is important. If you must miss a class, you may make up the class within two weeks. You will have a Flex Pass that will have a maximum number of make-up classes on it. Flex Passes are not transferable to another person and cannot be used to replace a month’s fees.

I am going on vacation. Do I have to pay for that time?

As a registered dancer, your spot is being held for you each week and you are required to cover that cost. If you have a lengthy vacation planned, talk to me. We can find a way for you to make up a few classes on either side of your vacation. 

Am I paying fees on the studio closure breaks (Christmas, etc.)?

No. The fees are based on an annual tuition over the 38 weeks from September to June. Christmas and Spring Break closures are weeks that you have not paid for.

What happens if there is a closure due to the pandemic?

If we are required to close due to the pandemic, classes will move online to Zoom format or to live park classes, if permitted. If there is a lengthy closure, the studio will potentially re-evaluate your contract.