Studio Etiquette

Be on time

Please be on time for class. You want to be settled and ready for your class. If your class starts at 6pm, you should be at the studio by 5:50. Classes are back to back and the shift between classes is quick. If you happen to be late, wait until there is natural break to quietly slide in to your class. Teachers reserve the right to refuse entry to the class. Dancers who are consistently late will be asked to withdraw. 

Food and water

No eating in class. Water bottles only, please.

Your full class

Try not to come and go during class or leave early. Your class is a bubble that we hold during our time together. Coming and going is disruptive, and you will miss something great if you step out. If you need a break, stand to the side and take a minute for yourself. If you are opting out of jumping at the end, for example, stay on the side, stretch, and cheer on your fellow dancers. There is still lots to learn by watching. 


Phones off, please, unless you have an urgent circumstance that day.


It’s so lovely to have new dancers! Please welcome a new face to our SEDA family.


If you have administrative questions, please email Kath anytime or try to discuss with your teacher before a first class or after a last class. We are happy to help. 

End of class

Participate in a reverence in ballet, applaud for yourself, each other and your teacher at the end of each class. It’s a lovely and professional way to show your appreciation for the sharing of that work and time together.

Our floor

No street shoes on the Marley.

Studio temperature

Hot/cold: Please allow the teacher to monitor the A/C , the windows and doors, fans and heaters. Please speak to your teacher if you feel that the doors/windows need to be open.  


No street shoes on the Marley.

How do I make up a missed class?

Consistency is important. If you must miss a class, you may make up the class within two weeks. You will have a punch card to keep track that will have a maximum number of make-up classes on it. Make-up cards are not transferable to another person and cannot be used to replace a month’s fees.

Oh, and one last thing …