Our commitment to you

At SEDA Dance, we are pleased to offer as safe an environment as possible — where you can come and do what you love. We are strictly following the guidelines of the BC Health Authority as current circumstances, guidelines and protocols are ever-changing.

Current Conditions & Requirements

August 23, 2021

• As of September 13, the studio will no longer be able to admit those who are unvaccinated. 

• Masks are required upon entrance and exit and while in the change room, but are optional while dancing.

As a small business, we are still learning the recommended protocol around confirming your vaccine status, but once we have your confirmation in our system, you can rest assured and just enjoy your classes.

Registered dancers must provide proof of vaccination at the start of the new season. Drop-in dancers will need to show proof before each class. Or, if you are a regular drop-in dancer, we can keep your proof of vaccination on file. 

These are difficult conversations to navigate. I would ask that you please do not approach the faculty or other dancers with complaints on this matter as they have no control over the situation. Your feelings are valid, but let’s keep these conversations outside the studio, and keep this space a creative sanctuary where we can focus on our dancing.

I am so immensely grateful for dance, for the studio, and for the people I work and dance with each day. You are a light, and you bring it to your dance. Thank you for being a part of SEDA Dance!

— Kathy

COVID Safety Protocols

ARRIVAL AT THE STUDIO: Please wear your mask to enter the studio, and use the provided hand sanitizer at the front door. Feel free to use the upstairs change room while you wait for your class to start (masks on).

BATHROOMS: During class, please use the large bathroom in the studio, leaving the small bathroom free for dancers who may be getting ready for class.

KITCHEN: Off limits.


• Please use either the benches, the hooks by the bigger bathroom or the upstairs change room. If you are in the last class of the day, you may use the hooks by the main door. DO NOT USE THE DANCE FLOOR FOR YOUR BELONGINGS.

• SHOES: Use the mats by the exit in the studio, by the main door, or by the large bathroom. NO STREET SHOES ON THE MARLEY FLOOR, PLEASE!

CLEANING PROTOCOLS: We will continue to regularly sanitize ballet barres, floors, and high-touch points.

CLASS SIZES: Class sizes are back to normal, and we have more flexibility with spacing between dancers during class — for now. Should we as a community need to return to stricter protocols, we will reinstate smaller class sizes and 8-foot spacing between dancers.

EXITING THE STUDIO: Please put your mask on when class has ended and wear it until you leave the building.