SEDA classes are back in session! All current health protocols are in place, including a temporary lower intensity focus for all classes.


I will be offering one Zoom class per week which will be posted each weekend on Facebook and on the Drop-In Registry (email me for link). Please sign up in advance for your class so I know there is interest. $10/class for non-registered dancers, $7 for registered dancers. Payable by e-transfer. Minimum of 5 dancers to run a class.

  • MASKS ON (although not required by the health authority)
  • Change room remains closed.
  • Sorry, no drop-ins right now, unless within your “cohort”. More info here.
  • The following classes will end 5 minutes early: Beginner 2 (evening), Int/Advanced Contemporary (Friday), and Ballet Intermediate (Saturday)
  • The following classes will start 5 minutes late: Advanced Contemporary (Wednesday evening and Saturday)
  • Bring warm layers as we will be ventilating the space!


If you are in the first class of the day (morning or afternoon), you may enter the building and studio. If you are second or third in line (ie., there is a class before you) you must use the change room while you wait, or wait outside in your car until 5 minutes prior to class time.


  • All dancers must wear a mask when entering the building and throughout the common spaces.
  • Dancers must hand sanitize immediately upon entering the building.
  • The change room upstairs is now open as the winter weather is setting in. I want you to be warm and settled for your class. You must wear your mask upstairs.


When possible, dancers in class please use the large bathroom, leaving the small bathroom available for dancers who may be getting ready for class. Small spritz bottles have been provided in each bathroom. Please give one quick spritz to the tap when you are done to disinfect after use.

KITCHEN: Off limits.


Please assist with the transition to complete the cleaning quickly and maximize class time.

  • ALL CLASSES: Open windows and doors for a ventilation break between classes and help me close them up.
  • CONTEMPORARY AND BARRE CLASSES: The floor needs to be a two-person quick clean — one person on the spritz bottle and one on the mop.
  • ALL CLASSES: Disinfect common touch areas in the studio space.
  • BALLET AND BARRE CLASS: Clean with Lysol wipes or disinfectant spray and take down ballet barres.
  • Yoga mats and blocks cleaned after each use.


  • PLEASE CHOOSE EITHER the benches or the hooks by the bigger bathroom, or leave your belongings in the change room.
  • SHOES go on the mats BY THE EXIT.
  • DO NOT USE main entrance for your belongings please.


  • We are returning (for now) to more centre work and no across the floor. Dancers will do choreography in small groups.
  • When switching groups, please be quick and attentive to pass with physical distancing in mind. Use the perimeter to wait and watch.
  • BE ON TIME FOR YOUR CLASS. Dancers are spacing themselves on the floor or the barres, preparing for their class. When you enter late, and everyone has to adjust, and spacing apart on clean turf is difficult.


Travel has been discouraged and restricted. Anyone needing to travel please inform Kathy by email. You may be asked to wait for two weeks before returning to class.



The usual make-up tickets given out have been shelved this year, and great leniency given by the studio for you to make up your missed classes as we all do our best to stay home if health questions arise. This policy also creates traffic within classes that are outside the bubble for that class. There may be restrictions coming from BC Health Authority regarding this flexibility.

  • Please stay home if you feel sick.
  • Please make up your class if you miss.
  • Please do not abuse the temporary make up policy to create yourself a drop in pass.



Dancers, we have done a great job as a community to keep the Island relatively healthy. This has enabled us to keep dancing, for which I am very grateful. There may be continuous stages of new protocols through the winter, but together, I am confident that we can safely keep doing what we love.

With gratitude,